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Organise your thesis/dissertation

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About this template

You can watch a walkthrough here:

3 databases

- Thesis by chapters

- Thesis by subchapters

- Thesis by sections

These databases are all connected

Databases properties

- Numbering system

- Start Date

- Deadline

- Status (select: draft 1, draft 1 being reviewed, draft 2...)

Chapters database includes

- Total amount of words you're aiming at 

- Percentage of each chapter in the thesis

- Current amount of words per chapter

Automatic functions

- Estimate the number of words you're aiming at per chapter (function with the total number of words and percentage of the chapter)

- Function with the number of words left

This template also includes

- Writing plan

- Place for you to insert your project's aims

- Place for you to insert your current Gantt chart

Important note:

This template is not set up for you to take notes and write your thesis. It is just the skeleton of your thesis and a place where you can keep track of things like word count and deadlines. You can also use it to create relations to other databases for things such as note taking.

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You'll get a template where you can plan and organise your thesis or dissertation.

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Organise your thesis/dissertation

2 ratings
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